Howdy, I'm John, a passionate engineer based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Developer, founder of FormSquare  I'm a passionate developer interested in web development, UI/UX, reading and tons of other stuff. I am one of the first team members of  Reap Technologies creating the future of financial software for small businesses base in Hong Kong.

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Hello world

After waiting for more than a month, the domain name filing was finally completed and the new personal website was launched.

Why i start blogging?

I’m start working as a engineer for a decade, built and contribute to almost 50 projects but i have never create any personal project. After read few articles and book about tech blogging, i came up with new idea: start a personal website.

To sumup, i will use this website for:

  • Record some useful information
  • Practice writing in English
  • Increase reputation

Tech stack

  • Google Cloud
  • WordPress
  • Gastby
  • Graphql

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Learning is not knowledge; it’s programming the mind.